Dubli Cashback Shopping Mall List: Where Can You Save?

  • Dubli Discount Stores:

    * Walmart (1-7%)
    * Sam’s Club (1-7%)
    * Target (1.3-7.3%)

  • Dubli Department Stores:

    * Kohl’s (3.5-9.5%)
    * Nordstrom (3.2-9.2%)
    * JC Penney (2-8%)
    * Bloomingdale’s (2-8%)
    * Dillard’s (2.6-8.6%)
    * Macy’s (2.5-8.5%)
    * Sears (1.3-7.3%)

  • Dubli Office Supplies:

    Staples (0.7-6.7%)
    Office Depot (0.3-6.3%)
    OfficeMax (1-7%)

  • Dubli Electronic & Computers:

    * Apple Store (1-7%);
    * Best Buy (1-7%);
    * Dell (1.3-7.3%);
    * HP (1.3-7.3%);
    * Microsoft Store (1.3-7.3%);
    * TigerDirect (1.9-7.9%);

  • Dubli Health & Beauty:

    * The Body Shop (6.5-12.5%)
    * Vitamin World (5.2-11.2%)
    * Walgreens (4.6-10.6%)
    * Soap.com (3.2-9.2%)
    * GNC (3.9-9.9%)
    * ULTA Body (3.9-9.9%)
    * Sephora (3.2-9.2%)
    * Drugstore.com (2-8%)

  • Dubli Coupons & Deals:

    * Groupon (2-8%)
    * LivingSocial (0.7-6.7%)
    * Restaurant.com (1.9-7.9%)

  • Dubli Toys, Children & Baby:

    * Carter’s (2-8%)
    * The Children’s Place (3.2-9.2%)
    * Osh Kosh B’gosh (2-8%)
    * Disney Store (3.2-9.2%)
    * Lego (2-8%)
    * Leap Frog (2-8%)

  • Dubli Mobile Telecoms:

    * AT&T ($9.75);
    * Sprint ($9);
    * T-Mobile ($6.50);
    * Boost Mobile ($23);
    * Republic Wireless ($20);
    * Tracfone (19.5-25.5%);
    * StraightTalk (6-12%);

  • Dubli Travel Programs:

    * Priceline (8-14%)
    * Hertz (2-8%)
    * Hotels.com (5.8-11.8%)
    * Best Western (3.2-9.2%)

  • Dubli Book Clubs:

    * CollegeBookRenter.com (5.2-11.2%)
    * Nook (by B&N) (5.2-11.2%)
    * Bookbyte.com (4.6-10.6%)
    * Discount School Supply (3.9-9.9%)
    * Sell-Textbook.com (3.2-9.2%)
    * Textbooks.com (3.2-9.2%)

  • Dubli Clothing Stores:

    * American Eagle (1.3-7.3%)
    * Banana Republic (2.6-8.6%)
    * bebe (3.9-9.9%)
    * Coach (2-8%)
    * Eddie Bauer (3.2-9.2%)
    * Finish Line (4.6-10.6%)
    * Gap (2.6-8.6%)
    * Guess (2.6-8.6%)
    * L.L.Bean (2.6-8.6%)
    * Maurices (4.6-10.6%)
    * Old Navy (2.6-8.6%)
    * Tom’s (Shoes) (4.6-10.6%)

  • Dubli Home & Garden:

    * Tractor Supply Co (3.2-9.2%)
    * Home Depot (2-8%)
    * Pier 1 Imports (2.6-8.6%)
    * World Market (2.6-8.6%)
    * Bed Bath & Beyond (1-7%)
    * Rooms To Go (1.3-7.3%)

  • Dubli Specialty Stores:

    * Teleflora (6.5-12.5%)
    * PetsMart (5.2-11.2%)
    * Bass Pro Shops (3.2-9.2%)
    * Gander Mtn (3.2-9.2%)
    * GameStop (1.3-7.3%)
    * Overstock.com (1-7%)

  • Dubli Sports & Outdoors:

    * New Balance (4.6-10.6%)
    * O’Neill (9.7-15.7%)
    * All Outdoor (3.2-9.2%)
    * American Golf (1.9-7.9%)
    * BeachBody (6.5-12.5%)
    * Best Gym Equipment (3.2-9.2%)
    * PUMA (3.2-9.2%)
    * Urban Surfer (6.5-12.5%)

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    • Computers & Electronics
    • Coupons
    • Department Stores
    • Discount stores
    • Health & Beauty
    • Home & Garden
    • Office Supply
    • Specialty
    • Telecoms
    • Toys, Children & Baby
    • Travel

    Stay tuned for more, you can also visit our Dubli Network FAQ here!