Dubli Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Options for Joining


Currently Dubli offers its members multiple membership tiers. As a customer you can join Dubli 3 different ways:

Free Membership – You can start as a free member and receive cash back from all qualified purchases in the mall. Also as a free member you can also access the travel portal and Dubli entertainment.

Premium Membership – The second option for joining dubli is opening a Premium membership. As a premium member you can receive a 4% bonus on all qualified purchases. Once your Dubli premium membership has been active for over 90 days you can apply for a Dubli prepaid Debit card. The cost of a Premium membership is $4.95 a month. You can also earn extra bonuses for referring new premium memberships into the Dubli network.

VIP Membership – The third option to joining Dubli as a customer is with a VIP membership. As a VIP member you receive a 6% cash back monthly bonus on all qualified purchases. Also you can earn commissions and extra cash bonuses for referring other VIP members to the dubli network. To join the VIP membership is $99 a year.

How Much Money Can I Earn Back?


Depending on your membership and rank you can earn a minimum of 4% cash back on qualified monthly purchases. Additionally you can quailed for additional bonuses depending on your membership

What’s The Pricing?


As a Dubli customer you can join for Free.
As a Premium Member for a $4.95 a month
As a VIP Member for $99 a year.

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What’s A Cashback Reward?


A cash back reward is money that you can earn back from shopping for your favorite brand products inside the Dubli mall.
As a free member every qualified purchase that you make inside the Dubli mall earns you monthly cash back rewards.

Simply remember to log in to Dubli and shop using the platform to save and reassure that you will get cash back bonus from your purchases. Keep in mind that the cash back percentage may vary from merchant to merchant.

As a Premium Member you can earn an extra 4% in cash bonus annually – this is additional to the monthly cash back you can earn at the end of each month.

As a VIP Member you can earn additional cash back of 6% of all your monthly purchases.

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When Will I Be Billed?


Depending on your membership you can pay a monthly subscription or a yearly one-time membership, that will have to be renew every year.

How Can I Earn Money with Dubli?

There are multiple ways to earn money with Dubli. You can earn money with Dubli by referring other members to the network; also you earn a percentage of what they save every time they shop through the platform.

Dubli also gives you cash back from all your individual purchases.

What Are The Dubli Network Membership Levels?


There are 3 ways to join Dubli as a customer:

  • Free Membership
  • Premium Membership
  • VIP Membership

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How Do You Earn Cashback?


You can earn Cash back by using Dubli Mall as your prefer platform for shopping, entertainment and travel. When you buy qualified items you can earn cash back from all purchases.

What’s the Dubli Network Difference?


Dubli is one of the largest most complete online shopping and saving communities today Their massive online mall offers savings from a variety of brands and valuable memberships that can earn you cash back on all your purchases. Additionally you can earn by referring other people to the network, which makes it a fruitful and exciting opportunity to take a look into.

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