Official Easter Bunny Packages Review

Official Easter Bunny Packages is a new online service that helps you make Easter a little more special this year with a special letter from the Easter Bunny. Here’s our review.

What is Official Easter Bunny Packages?

Official Easter Bunny Packages is an online service that lets you order a package from the Easter Bunny for your kids (or for yourself – I’m not judging).

Each letter is personalized to your child and includes their name, the name of your city, and a friend’s name. You fill out this information and Official Easter Bunny Packages creates a personalized letter for you.

In addition to receiving a personalized letter, Official Easter Bunny Packages comes with an “Official Egg Hunter Certificate” that prominently features your child’s name.

There’s also an “Easter Bunny Workshop” that can be signed for your child.

Official Easter Bunny Packages Pricing

Official Easter Bunny Packages letters are priced at $17.94 USD with a 20% discount code ($19.95 regular price).

Depending on when you order Official Easter Bunny Packages, you may receive a free shipping promotion in addition to that 20% discount. As you get closer in the year to Easter, however, these promotions typically start to disappear.

If you’re on the website and don’t see the free shipping and 20% off promotion, then try clicking the “Back” button. You may see a pop-up explaining that you get 20% off and free shipping today.

Take a close look at the ordering form: there’s a small section beneath the order that adds $4.95 automatically to your order for “Delivery tracking and confirmation”. Most people won’t need that.

Payments can be processed using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Currently, shipping is only available to American addresses.

All purchases come with a money back guarantee: if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return your letter within a 30 day time period to receive a full refund. To get in touch with the company behind Official Easter Bunny Packages, email or call 1-888-703-2786.

What Does the Letter Look Like?

Each letter from Official Easter Bunny Packages is customized with your child’s personal information and other unique features. Here’s what the brief letter looks like:

“Dear (First Name)

Hi there, it’s me, the Easter Bunny! I am so excited to be visiting your home on Easter Sunday! I’ve been busy all year coloring eggs and making Easter baskets for every one of my great friends in (CITY).

A little birdie tells me that you have been very good so far this year. I’m very glad to hear that so I will be filling your basket with all kinds of yummy special treats! I can’t believe that you’re growing so fast…I am so proud of you.

I will certainly be ready for a healthy snack by the time I reach your home. Do you think you could please leave out a carrot for me to snack on? I will be visiting your good friend (Friend’s Name)’s home next and will need all of the energy I can get. Thank you and Happy Easter (First name)!

Love your friend,

Love The Easter Bunny”

All letters are mailed together through USPS. The company estimates that they’ll arrive within 3 to 5 business days of submitting your order.

About Official Easter Bunny Packages

Official Easter Bunny Packages is owned by a company named Holiday Printables, Inc.

That company is based at the following address in Florida:

221 Beach Rd. Suite 182
Siesta Key, FL 34242

You can contact the company by phone at 1-888-703-2786 or by email at

In addition to offering letters from the Easter Bunny, Holiday Printables offers letters for other times of the year – like Christmastime letters fromSanta Claus.

Funnily enough, the terms and conditions section for the website specifically notes that you’re not receiving a letter from a real person named Santa Claus:

“With your transaction, you are acknowledging that you are purchasing a computer generated letter with signature of the fictitious character “Santa Claus” or “Santa” and not a letter from an actual person named Santa or Santa Claus. Any references made by this site to “Santa” or “Santa Claus” are to be understood to be the fictitious character.”

Whew. Glad we cleared up that debate.

In any case, Holiday Printables is a reputable company that sends customized letters from the Easter Bunny directly to your address. At a price of $20, many people may just choose to send their own Easter Bunny letter through the mail. But with Official Easter Bunny Packages, you’re paying a premium for the convenience (and to see the smile on your child’s face).