2016 Buyer’s Guide For Military-Grade Tactical Flashlights

It can be quite difficult to find the best tactical flashlight that suits your needs. A friend of mine carries one around everywhere. You don’t know when you are going to need it. One day the light might go out and boom you got the flashlight nice and ready. It’s there when you need it. It’s all about security and comfort.

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First, you need to know whether your flashlight is actually a compact, cool, ninja-like tactical flashlight. Many people actually don’t know whether their flashlight is tactical or not. There are numerous traits that a high performance tactical flashlight has that makes it tactical aka (prepared for military or professional personnel to use).

If the flashlight is bright, extremely durable, made out of aluminum, easy to use and easy to carry, and has a firm grip – then it is a tactical flashlight. If the flashlight doesn’t fulfill these traits – then it’s just a regular flashlight. It isn’t tactical. There’s a different. Make sure you know this.

Best Tactical Flashlights In 2016

Technology is changing at speeds, rates and paces faster than ever before. And electronics are no exception, so when it comes to the lighting technology behind these military-inspired tactical flashlights like the Shadowhawk X800 or the LumiTact G700, you can see why such the buzz is building and brewing behind these blindingly bright and beautiful miltacts.

Here are some researched reasons why individuals might want to purchase a tactical flashlight in 2016.

Perhaps you are a camper or a hiker, a firemen or fisherman, a hunter or a true outdoorsmen…or what about an ordinary citizen who drives at night, or needs an emergency self-defense weapon no bigger than the size of his or her palm.

There are two very good reasons to get a flashlight. It’s either for keeping you safe or for dire situations – or straight exploring, searching and huntings for things in the dark.

Did you know that your flashlight can be used as a weapon to potentially eliminate an enemy? Especially these beveled, jagged military-inspired tactical flashlights. If someone is attacking you, you can use the bright light to temporarily blind your enemies or the flashlight itself. This gives you an advantage as the temporary blindness allows you to escape or neutralize your enemy quickly.

This is especially useful in life or death scenarios. It’s critical to see in the dark. The flashlight will allow you to navigate around in the darkness. Man’s greatest weakness is the inability to see in the dark. The flashlight will allow you to work with that weakness better.

Statistics have shown that a vast majority of crimes occur in the dark. This is to be expected. Humans are at their most vulnerable during the night. This is why it’s recommended to have a flashlight on you for those times. Being able to see is the most important factor in your survival.

You’ll be able to cut your risk significantly if you are able to see in the dark. Seeing your potential enemy will allow you to neutralize the enemy and prevent a future attack in the first place.

We also live in uncertain times. The unexpected at times will occur. Sometime the power goes out indefinitely. And, that’s why the flashlight at times is your backup to seeing in the dark. You can think of your flashlight as your eyes in the night.

High Performance Tactical Flashlights? Why & Who?

Most people don’t know what they actually are. Put simply, these are flashlights that are designed for survival. They are great for hunting, camping, and taking out an enemy. It’s specifically designed to keep you alive. They are built with the best materials. This isn’t your typical cheap flashlight that breaks after a few uses. They are built to last for years on end.

How to choose the right tactical flashlight for you?

You might know that you’ll require a flashlight for your safety, but do you know what makes a flashlight good in the first place?

There’s a lot of choices out there which might paralyze you. A lot of choices can sometime leave us unable to choose. Luckily, for you we know what the best criteria is for a flashlight.

The factors that you should look at are:


Brightness is the most important factor to look at when purchasing a tactical flashlight. Tactical flashlights are brighter than your average flashlight. You need to consider how bright you want it to be. A friend of mine had a flashlight so bright, that it actually lighted the clouds up. They were so strong that if a plane flew over it, they would actually notice. It depends on how bright you want your flashlight to be.

The brightness of a flashlight is measured through a measurement called lumens. The average amount of lumens that a tactical flashlight has is 1500. These flashlights have similar power to LEDs. This means that they are quite durable and will last for years to come. They won’t break either. The higher within the lumens scale, the brighter it will get.

Rechargeable vs Battery

It’s best to go with rechargeable flashlights, as it’s cheaper in the long run. It can get quite expensive to buying batteries over and over again. However, it’s ultimately your preference. You can go with battery or rechargeable. It’s highly recommended to go with rechargeable as you save more money.

Size Dimensions

If it’s too large then you will have trouble carrying it around. Too small and you will be unable to use it in an immediate situation. Make sure that your flashlight is above 100 lumens. This will allow you to blind an enemy effectively 100% of the time.

Look at the flashlights. You’ll intuitively know whether it’s the right size for you. Look at the specs and size of it. Then imagine how it would feel in your hands and how it will fit your pockets. This will allow you to make your decision.

Cost of Tactical Flashlights – Discount Bulk Pricing?

The common cliché statement of: “You get what you pay for,” applies when purchasing a tactical flashlight. However, you don’t need to pay an arm and leg to get a decent one. There’s no need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a decent flashlight.

You can get a quality tactical flashlight for about 50 dollars. Do not spend anything above hundred dollars. Anything above that is just luxury spending. If you care about your wallet, then it’s suggest to spend below 100 dollars for your flashlight.

Buying A Tactical LED Flashlight – 3 Steps

Hopefully, you have learned something today. In this article you learned the proper criteria on what is the best tactical flashlight. You need to look at your budget, the proper size, rechargeable vs battery, and how bright it will be.

Once, you have looked at these factors you will be able to pick the right one for you. Stay safe my friend.